Calculator Belt Buckle

Despite a love of calculators* and big, shiny belt buckles, this convergence does not appeal to my outer geek. Well, okay, it does. But I'm resisting. It's $10, plus shipping. Worth every penny if you can use the lines "I've just calculated that you, my lady, are a perfect ten" or "Would you like to help me calculate the volume of a cylinder?" Catalog Page [ via Nerd Approved via Geek Alerts via Technabob] * Yet a hatred of math.
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2 Responses to Calculator Belt Buckle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the little screen go at the top or bottom? Do you wear it upside down so you can calculate cost trends for pocket protectors while looking down at your belt loops? Or is it worn right-side up, with the hope someone will wander by with the pressing need to solve a math problem in close proximity to your navel?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a nerd chastity belt.
    Now she has to push teh right buttons
    before getting into your pants?!?

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