Limotrack: "We Need an APC Pick-Up!"

The tank limo trend in the U.K. continues apace with the "Limotrack," a converted BV206 Full-Tracked Articulated Personnel Carrier that will carry your drunken friends in style at speeds up to 35MPH. Inside its been retrofitted with a drinks cooler, a sound system, and a freak-out-your-date smoke machine. It is also supposedly amphibious, so if the party gets boring in London you can attempt a drunken invasion of France. If you must... [ via Red Ferret]
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3 Responses to Limotrack: "We Need an APC Pick-Up!"

  1. Henri Bergius says:

    Ah, the lovely “Nauha-Sisu” we used to drive in military maneuvers in Lapland…

  2. cayton says:

    Looks like the ‘Advance Wars’ style vehicles.

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