Neuros Contest: Last Chance to Enter and Help Team bOING bOING Take the #1 Spot

What started as a fun way to extend our Neuros x Boing Boing Gadgets contest is turning into a full-fledged rout, as Team bOING bOING is on track to take first place across the entire project. We've reached second place in less than a week. First place in within our grasp. Tonight at midnight (EST) I'll be selecting a winner at random to be awarded the Neuros OSD plus NAS. (The bonus prize, a Nokia N95 awarded to the top producer, looks like it's probably Clay's to lose, since he's currently in the top spot by a country mile, unless someone has been saving up units for a last second surprise.) I've been having so much fun with this that I'd like to keep the project going for now. I've been talking to some companies about getting in more products to give away, although they probably won't be quite as nice as the Neuros in the immediate future. If you'd like to take a crack at winning the Neuros, you can still sign up for team today. You just need to have to have reported one work unit by midnight to be eligible.
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3 Responses to Neuros Contest: Last Chance to Enter and Help Team bOING bOING Take the #1 Spot

  1. necoro says:

    The Cosmology@Home author has been working on an OSX version for a while, according to the forum posts. It definitely would have been nice to have had the option.

    After tonight I will probably add some additional projects to the machines I brought up just for this and switch around priorities, since roughly half of the pile of old PCs I have running just aren’t that good at the Cosmology task.

    Soooo close to cracking into the Top 10 though. Do I have ONE more decent machine to throw into the fray before tonight? ;)

  2. Rick Fletcher says:

    I’m not sure whether you’re aware of this, but your contest discriminates against OS X users. There’s BOINC software for OS X, but the cosmology@home project only has windows and linux applications. If you try to connect with the OS X app you get “there was work for other platforms”. Boooooo.

  3. acipolone says:

    I’ll certainly continue to take part — this has been the most fun I’ve ever had competing. (And I just find it hilarious that I could manage to wrangle 4th — if I can hold it! — out of a BB competition!)

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