Portal Papercraft

This lovely bit of papercraft celebrates Valve's hit first-person puzzle shooter Portal. Its creator, Tubbypaws, has been kind enough to provide a file you can print out to make your own. Relatedly, I have been discovering all sorts of disturbing "Rule 34" Portal porn images, so perverted I have yet to discover a way to put them on the site in good taste. Let's just say that self-pleasure can get very interesting when you have a magical looking glass through which you can grab your own splayed ass cheeks. Portal Papercraft [Tubbypaws.blogspot.com via Kotaku]
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2 Responses to Portal Papercraft

  1. Anonymous says:

    it seems someone likes to lurk too much in 4chan… And I know exactly the image you’re talking about. Better than the furry/portal rule 34

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