Floral Print Tools

I'm all for jazzing up an old standard, even if it's in an attempt to sell something frilly to a nebulously defined set of feminine women, but these flower-clad hammer, pliers, and screwdriver from the "Floral Tool Kit" are just plain ol' ugly. That's a shame—there's nothing hotter than a women wielding tools. (Incongruously, I still really like pink tools and gadgets. But those are for me, not anybody else.) Catalog Page [Giftmonger.com via Red Ferret]
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8 Responses to Floral Print Tools

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have one of those screwdrivers.
    My mom got it for me when i went off to college. yes.

  2. V(irtual)D(espot) says:

    A Harriet Carter classic.

  3. RuTemple says:

    These have been around for a few years – it wouldn’t be so wince-inducing if they weren’t such flimsy tool-shaped sculptures. The same folks make a matching set of common-shape key blanks; those are nice.

    My mother taught me to buy the best tools I could afford, and how to use and treat them well. I wouldn’t hand these toys to a kid, no matter how prettied up they are. Yeah, and Ma also brought us kids right into the kitchen to learn to cook and bake and that put a quick stop to any Easy-Bake Oven wistfulness right there… Dad showed me how to make my first sanding block, miter a corner, hang a picture frame, and what-have-you.

    I guess I always wonder when I see those things; are they honestly intended to stand in as tools, or do they belong with the building blocks in the corner of the store mostly stocked with Archie McPhee catalog silliness? No harm in that.

    As for me, I love functional toys the best.


  4. TAR ART RAT says:

    Agreed, these have been available at my local Dollar Store for at least a few years- quality is ok… they are damn pleasant to look at. good for college girl gifts

  5. Lydia9 says:

    When I used to work as a carpenter, anyone who knew what was what would customize their tools so that there was no way they would be accidentally sorted into someone else’s collection. This usually involved gussying them up in the most obnoxious way possible (basically anything that was bright and stood out), but I think that most tool users would be hesitant to use these (I’ve seen them and they’re ok for doing casual things in the house, but they’re not something you would want to do a large project with). Plus, they’re way more expensive than higher quality tools. What’s wrong with dipping a regular old Craftsman in a bucket of pink paint?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh bruddah. Why do people think everything girls use has to be pink? As far back as I can remember, my mom has always had her own good-sized toolbox jam-packed with good old tough-as-nails Craftsman tools. She’s always kept it padlocked too, so her tools wouldn’t “evaporate” like my dad’s always seemed to do.

    Another thing about those “girl” tools is that they almost always feel just a little bit awkward. There’s something “wrong” about their weight and balance.

    I just wouldn’t feel like “me” without my big ol’ toolbox full of the Real Thing. Including the circular saw.

  7. floraltools says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    My Mother owns some of these. She says the design is perfect for preventing my step-father (the pro home builder) from “accidentally” picking them up and taking them to a job site.

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