Foldz Flat Pens

These "Foldz Flat Pens" may be a little tacky looking (depending on how you feel about the Thunderbirds), but they fold up to be less than 1/8th-inches thick. Tipster Anthony suggested they fit perfectly in the back pocket of a Moleskine notebook. They're available for $2 apiece. There are Foldz without the Thunderbirds livery, but they're still in the same glitter-infused plastic in bright colors. Catalog Page [] (Thanks, Anthony!)
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2 Responses to Foldz Flat Pens

  1. johncory says:

    The Farber guy who created these pens used to make a few with lightening bolt and fire designs that were actually kind of cool.

    He also makes one in stainless steel and rubber . . . but that one I found difficult to use. It doesn’t fold well, doesn’t lock.

    I bought a box of these pens a few years ago. I give one to somebody every once in a while and they always love it. I think the creator’s original idea was that to print company logos on these so you could hand them out at trade shows or whatever. Would make a cool business card.

  2. qio says:

    I’ve had one of these pens tucked into my purse ever since the 5th grade, when my school’s bookstore sold them. It has served me well for the past 8 years.

    When I was in middle-school I found it particularly convenient to keep it in the pocket of my Roos just in case I wanted to start writing an award-winning novel on a napkin or something.

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