JooZoo Diamond-Encrusted MP3 Player for Dogs

Designed for pets, the $2,000 "JooZoo" bauble responds to pet behaviors by playing MP3s. So why the big price tag? Because it's covered in diamonds and gold.
According to the company, the play system enhances your pet’s physical health and relieves stress through automatic content responding to various pet behaviors. For example, when you leave your pet at home alone or while your pet travels in a vehicle, the JooZoo encourages physical movement or increases blood flow rate by sound wave stimulation.
Alternately, you could use your vocal chords to produce the phonemes "GUD DAHG" and initiate vibrations in the dogs head with light, repetitive downward strokes. For free. A pet-use mp3 player adorned with diamond [ via Pocket-Lint]
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One Response to JooZoo Diamond-Encrusted MP3 Player for Dogs

  1. Peaceflag2007 says:

    Just give your money to charity, already. Yikes.

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