"Bindeez" Bead Toy Holds Mind Altering Surprise

An extremely popular toy in Australia, the "Bindeez" bead pen, has been banned across the country after it was discovered that the beads, if ingested, metabolize into gamma-hydroxybutyrate, known on the street as "GHB." GHB causes a feeling of euphoria in lower doses, but can cause a loss of consciousness at higher doses. I've heard it can also cause you to periodically nod off into a nightmare zone, only to return from your momentary terror with no memories of the experience besides an aftertaste of panic, which fades quickly enough in the alcohol-like euphoria to make you forget that the next descent into the punk-and-bloat dimension is just seconds away. Anyway, they'll be off the shelves soon if they aren't already. Buy now! Bindeez toy recalled over drug fears [News.com.au via Consumerist]
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14 Responses to "Bindeez" Bead Toy Holds Mind Altering Surprise

  1. Muppet says:

    GHB is not particularly lethal by itself – it actually occurs naturally in the body in small amounts.

    It does not produce nightmarish states. And that’s one of the things people like about it.

    Higher doses normally just make people fall heavily asleep for a few minutes up to a couple of hours- if late at night many people will just carry on sleeping but some abruptly wake up when the GHB’s effect is gone- something to do with its metabolism.

    Unfortunately GHB is quite addictive for some people . And illegal in some countries.

    I don’t think much is known about any possible negative side-effects … none have been noted so far.

    from Lycaeum.org:

    1. Never combine with alcohol or other CNS depressants. This combination has been deadly to a number of people.
    2. Seek medical attention for anyone who passes out from a GHB-type drug unless you can positively verify they are not under the influence of other drugs as described above.
    3. Never use “liquid” GHB unless you know the concentration, as it varies according to preparation. An overdose can cause anything from unrousable sleep (most commonly) to death (at least 50 confirmed from GHB alone), and the steep dose-response curve exacerbates the problem.
    4. Unlike cannabis and psychedelics, and like alcohol, nicotine, and heroin, Use of GHB-type drugs can be physically addictive. We have received multiple reports from individuals who have experienced severe withdrawal symptoms when trying to abstain from GHB use. These individuals reported using GHB several times a day (practically continuously) for extended periods of time.

  2. sexxymlf says:


    I love GHB in the proper amount.

    If anyone would be so kind to tell me where I can order online or buy in Orange County CA

    Thank you!!!

  3. Nicksy says:

    GHB is the famed “date-rape” drug, right? I can see this product being extremely popular in college book stores…

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    Well, at least it’s not Jenkem….

  5. bobbins says:

    how many would a 16 year old have to take?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Aquadots to me. I wouldn’t suggest ingesting Aquadots just to see if GHB is in them but it would be interesting to know since Aquadots are readily available in the U.S.

  7. onlygirl says:

    where can you get them? i want to have a bindeez party with all my friends!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I guess the real question that comes to mind is:

    What is the correct dosage of Bindeez then?

    don’t want to risk an overdose of childrens toys… that would be sad!

  9. Not a Doktor says:

    Uhh are you supposed to consume directly or put it through the pen first?

  10. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Anonymous, those “facts” about GHB are balderdash. I’ve taken GHB by prescription. I also guinea-pigged for Dr. Mortimer Mamelak’s original study of its therapeutic use.

    No way, NFW, is GHB “lethal at very low doses.” What happens is that you get mildly delirious and really really friendly for about ten minutes, then fall asleep. Thus its use as a date-rape drug: ten minutes of disinhibition, followed by four hours of vulnerability.

    If you’re buying it in the older liquid form, there’s about a mile and a half between an effective dose and a dangerous one — unless you’re chugging it straight out of the bottle, in which case you haven’t got the brains God gave a soda cracker. If you’re doing it as dissolved salts, it tastes nasty. If you drink enough of that stuff to get yourself into real trouble, either you’re working at it, or the reason you think it’s a good idea is that you’re already screwed up on some other drug.

    Mixing GHB with other CNS depressants is a bad idea. If you don’t already know that mixing any CNS depressants is a bad idea, you’re way too inexperienced to be fooling around with drugs.

    GHB is not ugly stuff. If you suffer from disturbed sleep and you use GHB as directed, you sleep beautifully well, and it doesn’t suppress REM episodes. It’s just not a good recreational drug.


    I’ve heard it can also cause you to periodically nod off into a nightmare zone, only to return from your momentary terror with no memories of the experience besides an aftertaste of panic, which fades quickly enough in the alcohol-like euphoria to make you forget that the next descent into the punk-and-bloat dimension is just seconds away.

    If you’re euphoric, panicked, and you keep waking up, you either have something besides GHB in your system — any of the hallucinogenic stimulants will fit the bill — or you’ve taken it in a situation where you can’t safely go to sleep. In the latter case, your actual problem is not that GHB is a scary drug; it’s that GHB is all about going to sleep, and you’re failing to get with the program.

  11. groovadelic says:

    I’m relieved to read that there are still some educated people out there, and not fooled by this “deadly” GHB nonsense.
    I’m so sick of hearing constant lies about how bad GHB is. Don’t get me started….

  12. monopole says:

    Well at least they are bucking the boring old “lead added” bandwagon!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You might not want to try for a Bindeez party. GHB can be lethal at very low doses, or rather the effective dose sidles right up to the dose which knocks you out, which sidles right up to the dose which kills you by stopping breathing, all the while you’re knocked out and unrouseable.

    Hate to be a party-pooper, but don’t say you weren’t warned. It’s ugly stuff.

  14. partyrocka says:

    if your 16 i wouldn’t recommend taking more then 5, and have a 2 minute interval between taking them, i found this out the hard way but because they react with water, they get stuck together in your throat if you take them to quickly after each other, then you choke really hard to get them out after that. But experiment with how many you take, because its different for everyone. And move alot when you take them because they increase the joy of movement so dance or jump makes it so much better.

    oh and remember
    drink lots of water.
    if you get hot flushes have a cool shower.

    oh ps: they are addictive just as any drug so don’t take them more then 3 times a week all a physical addiction is most probably.

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