Phase: Guitar Hero Creators' iPod Game

Guitar Hero and Rock Band developers Harmonix have released a new game for the new iPod nano and iPod classic (and 5G iPod). Called "Phase," it's quite a bit like a simplified version of Guitar Hero that uses your own music as the source tracks, challenging you to press buttons in sequence. Since the rhythms are probably selected somewhat at random—it might get the tempo right, but I doubt it's picking out actual melody lines, for instance—I doubt it's quite as involved as full-fledged rhythm games, but it's only $5, so... It's looks fun, but where are the offical iPhone/Touch games? (There is a free game called "Tap Tap Revolution" that is pretty great, if you want a similar experience on your hacked iPhone.) MTV/Harmonix Phase [iLounge]
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One Response to Phase: Guitar Hero Creators' iPod Game

  1. Adam Fields says:

    This game seems much more like FreQuency than Guitar Hero.

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