Tesla CD Turbine vs. Pumpkin

Despite being cracked and losing air, Mr. Fix It Rick's Tesla CD Turbine was still able to be used to carve a pumpkin at speeds nearly as fast as those that could be reached with a knife. (But it's not about speed! It's about making a turbine out of old CDs that can actually be used to do something.)
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7 Responses to Tesla CD Turbine vs. Pumpkin

  1. pork musket says:

    After about 30 seconds of listening to that self-satisfied supergeek, I saw that the video was 8 minutes long and decided I’d rather chew glass than listen to him anymore. He’s like Jeff Goldblum but without any endearing qualities.

  2. MrfixitRick says:

    Pork, you probably only listened to your mother for 30 seconds in your life. You wanna get personal, we get personal. Fuck you.
    This is not at all about me so get over it. It’s about ideas, inventing , TRYING STUFF, having fun, getting scared and excited. Doing, not sitting on ass complaining, while NOT EVEN WATCHING THE VIDEO!!

  3. MrfixitRick says:

    Cayton, get a grip. I’ve used power tools all my life. I’ve invented power tools. The magnetic coupling worked really well. Stop by I’ll let you try it one day.

  4. MrfixitRick says:

    I want to emphasize, that although I may utilize shock, humour, and maybe even a touch of “self-satisfied supergeekiness” in my videos, there are some very real, mind-blowing aspects of this machine.
    The magnetic coupling enables many things to occur, such as easy attachment of implements, multiple stacking of magnetically-linked CD Turbines for more power, stable self-centering high-speed connections, direct take-off of power from rotating magnets, and on and on. All this, and much more, just from a bunch of CD’s, CD Spindle, magnets and glue. Anyone can do it and experiment cheaply.
    This project combines some of the best of Tesla,(his Tesla Turbine) with the best of our current technology (neodymium supermagnets).
    If you wanna get personal about the sound of my voice, you are shooting the messenger. And I don’t take getting shot lying down. hehe
    I say let’s allow some excitement with this, and bring out the fun-seeking, danger-loving inner child.

  5. hemidemisemiquaver says:

    I’m really interested in stuff like this, but this video has got to be the most boring one on youtube. The principles may be cool, but that doesn’t mean that anyone wants to watch some guy play with a pumpkin for 10 minutes.

    And please, Rick, lighten up.

  6. cayton says:

    “Held in by magnets”?!?!?! I’d say it is a very good thing that it doesn’t spin very fast. Momentum + Spinning blade = hospital bills

  7. MrfixitRick says:

    ok got it. thanks.

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