FujiFilm Tape Tracker for Forgetful Sysadmins

FujiFilm's new "Tape Tracker" is a GPS-broadcasting system stuffed into a standard half-inch data tape case, designed to be slipped into a case with data tapes to keep close tabs on physical backups when they go off site.
In addition to the device, Fujifilm Tape Tracker utilizes a secure, web-based tracking software application called FujiFind for managing one or several data tape shipments simultaneously, from any PC.  The Fujifilm Tape Tracker is up to 1,000 times more sensitive than conventional GPS receivers so users can track inventory through rural areas, cities, within transport vehicles and even inside warehouse locations.
What makes this clever is that it's just another tape, easily integrated into existing procedures and equipment. The system will be available early next year. Press Release [FujiFilmUSA.com via Engadget via SpaceMart.com]
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4 Responses to FujiFilm Tape Tracker for Forgetful Sysadmins

  1. Anonymous says:

    How well does the GPS work from say inside a portable fireproof safe, which itself is inside an armored car or trunk?

  2. MiCroStoogE says:

    I too wonder how well the GPS works from inside a safe or data-storage facility. Maybe that’s the point — if the Web-based tracking software is tracking your tape and it’s not in your server room, you know it’s not in safe storage where it belongs.

  3. necoro says:

    Forgetful? I’ll let that pass as “artistic license.”

    More like “Once I hand my tapes over to the courier who takes them off-site for storage, how do I know where they are?” Which certainly isn’t a bad thing to know.

    I’m skeptical on how well this will work from within the courier’s truck, and how long the battery will last sitting on shelf in Iron Mountain’s warehouse for weeks or months at a time.

    If this is really important to you, you should probably be looking at on-the-fly encryption for your offsite copies, or just ditch tapes entirely and replicate data elsewhere over a secure network.

  4. dculberson says:

    A secure network capable of transporting terabytes of data per day is a bit pricey, even compared to a GPS tracker, I’m sure..

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