Walkman, Speaker Jewelry from Complete Technique

Boutique jeweler CompleteTechnique makes baubles out of iconic products, including this bracelet made from tiny speakers ($800), this Walkman necklace ($175), and the always classy AK47 pendant ($340). Of course the one I like the most is the most expensive. Catalog Page [CompleteShop.us via Josh Spear]
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3 Responses to Walkman, Speaker Jewelry from Complete Technique

  1. Joffrey says:

    The iPod pendant looks nice too! :)
    (it was on my website few days ago)


  2. mistervega says:

    very cool! i think one of the actual designers is this cool chinese guy in ny. i remember him wearing a prototype of the speaker as a pendant. i met him about 1.5 yrs ago. his family owns some famous chinese bakery out there. glad to see his stuff finally make it!

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