Lowepro SlingShot Shoulder Bag for Cameras

The Lowepro SlingShot shoulder bag, which is slung over one shoulder but can be spun around to your chest for easy camera access, got high marks from Bill Howard over at Gearlog:
The SlingShot is the most convenient camera bag I've used in the field. Buckles keep the zipper from unzipping too far and spilling the contents; a rain shell folds out from the bottom.
Lowepro offers the bags in three sizes and prices ($70, $90, $110), depending on how much kit you bring along with your camera—the only color is black. I use a small over-the-shoulder bag for my camcorder sometimes. It really is great to be able to get at it without taking off my bag, especially in crowded settings. Lowepro SlingShot Keeps Cameras at the Ready [Gearlog]
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9 Responses to Lowepro SlingShot Shoulder Bag for Cameras

  1. ps says:

    still ugly as balls

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had this bag for a year or so. It’s close, really close, and it’s the best thing out there that I know of. (The access works well as they describe.) I really wish it were reversed to hang over the other shoulder. Why they don’t make an optional reversed model is beyond me.

    I have the medium (“200″) model. I fit a DSLR, a wide zoom, a small prime or two, and a big heavy 80-200 zoom, along with a full-size flash, a midsized DV camera, a couple DV tapes and misc doodads such as batteries and cables.

  3. doda says:

    last anonymous, what type/brand of slr do you have?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Doda@4: I use a Nikon D80. The DV camera is a Panasonic GS500 3ccd. It fits nicely in the top half-round compartment, even with a wide-angle lens on it.

  5. stephan lawson says:

    I have been using the smaller size bag for more than a year. I think you would be hard pressed to find a more convenient bag for very active travel. Its just right for trips when I want to carry my camera and one or two extra lenses, even a flash. The second strap holds the bag very securely while bicycling or hiking. The ability to simply swing the bag around to the front side of your body not only makes it easier to access the contents, but also makes me feel a little safer when in a crowded area. Its even possible, although slightly cumbersome, to carry a tripod by inserting one leg through the heavy rubber straps. Alright, it is kinda ugly, but I’m usually taking the pictures, not posing for them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I bought the crumpler “sinking barge” a few years ago and LOVE it – holds the laptop, and the camera, 2 spare lenses, plus all the accoutrements like chargers and mice and cards.

  7. ParaScubaSailor says:

    I’ve owned several Lowerpro bags, and the last one is the Slingshot. I love the design of this bag, I use the biggest size to carry either two large SLR + lenses or one SLR + a couple of lenses and a large HDV camera, and there’s room left for a wallet, book and other odds and ends. I use it as an everyday bag with one SLR, macro extension tubes and all the daily stuff I carry around. I think the design of this bag is great, especially the waist band that takes the wight off the shoulder strap when carrying it for an extended period if the bag is heavily loaded.
    IMy gripe, and the reason I will not ever buy another Lowepro product, is that the zippers are of an inferior quality. This is the second Lowepro bag I own, and the second where the zipper lasts for less than six months. That equipment is not made for heavy use…

  8. matthew_k says:

    As Adam said, the tamrac bags beat this one by a mile. The build quality may be better, but that’s inconsequential.

    I spent months looking for the perfect bag for a two week trip to the Galapagos. I owned two bags already, but the hidden cost of each new lens is the new bag which always costs 10% of the price of the lens, at least.

    That said, I visited what seemed like every camera shop in the sf bay area, and the moment I tried on the tamrac bag, I was afraid to look at the price tag.

    You don’t carry the tamrac bag, you wear it. When you want your camera, you swing it around and grab the camera. When you want a different lens, you swing the bag around drop the old lens in the slot, move the cap over, and throw the new lens on the camera. If it’s something getting away, start shooting, and slide the bag back around when you get a chance. It easily swallowed a 70-200 f2.8, two XTi’s, two smaller lenses, and a 580ex, thought carrying all that will make your back sore.

    I’d always though of Tamrac as a second tier camera bag, but the design of the velocity series beats anything Crumpler and Lowepro put out by a mile.

  9. Adam Fields says:

    Argh – this bag would be perfect for me, but I find the chirality weird. I’m right handed, but I don’t want to swing around to the left to get my camera.

    The Tamrac Velocity bags do it right, but they’re not as compact and don’t have the weather shield.

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