My First Birdcam Victim

Since I'm leaving town tomorrow, I thought I'd check the ol' Birdcam to see if the new positioning caught anything besides my (now dying) tomato plants. And indeed: Success! The easily-flustered mourning doves are back, happily gnoshing on cracked corn. I can't wait to get some better seed out there and see what I can lure in. Last year there were parakeets of some type in the seed. I tried to snap them with my DSLR, but I couldn't, nor were they enticed into my home with calls of "Hey, birds! Free snacks!" As the concrete in my basement will testify, birds are far less gullible than local children. Previously: Wingscapes Birdcam Review (Verdict: Sort of Awesome!) [BBG]
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One Response to My First Birdcam Victim

  1. eideal852 says:

    JJ, u are sick.
    never thought a birdcam post would have such a horrendous ending…
    bravOHH sir

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