Livescribe Smartpen (Probably) Final Hardware

The Livescribe digital pen and paper system, which we discussed a bit before, has shown what is probably the production model of their pen. It's hefty, but still pocketable. If they make a nice little Moleskine-like notebook with their special paper, I might even give it a shot. Livescribe is taking pre-orders for the system now, although it won't be ready until early next year. Livescribe Smartpen Gets Realer [OhGizmo]
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3 Responses to Livescribe Smartpen (Probably) Final Hardware

  1. jeaguilar says:

    I used the Logitech io Pen a few years ago. Took it to meetings. Thought it was clever. However, the software used to manage the notes was cumbersome. The OCR was not useful. And going to the trouble of purchasing the proprietary pads of paper was too much. I hear some people love their io’s and use them exclusively. Not me.

  2. Zebra05 says:

    Isn’t this the Logitech IO repackaged?

  3. back2dafront says:

    Well, the Logitech IO is nifty, but it does not record audio. The Livescribe smartpen actually records audio and links the audio to any given word on your notepad. Also, the SDK is open-source which allows developers to create their own applications for it. In my opinion these two things are what sets this pen on another level than any other one out there.

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