Fuzzy Flash Drive Cozies from NifNaks

NifNaks.com is the home of Nifer Fahrion, an artist who makes these adorable USB flash drives (among other things). "Maggie," on the right, is probably the only 4GB maggot available for sale online, but I'd love to be wrong about that. We need more maggots in our lives. Each hand-made drive cozy is around $67. She also makes Cthulhu-themed Christmas tree ornaments, sure to make your Yule tidings unspeakably cheerful. Catalog Page [NifNaks.com] (Thanks, Jacapplebaum!)
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4 Responses to Fuzzy Flash Drive Cozies from NifNaks

  1. SD says:

    So, I pull a fuzzy, wool item out of my pocket and immediately touch it to the metal port on my computer?

    Is there some static discharge/resistance property to the “pliable stiffener” they apply to these things?

    I’m willing to be labeled overly paranoid about this, so someone please enlighten me

  2. Anonymous says:

    I doubt that there would be much of a static problem, as only the shielding is really effected. Most consumer electronic devices are good for up to 2kv or so, anyway.

    “unspeakably cheerful”! Ha ha!

  3. teflon says:

    I love this NifNaks’ stuff! I bought an FSM pin, and the USB cozies are hilarious. Hand made stuff by a US fiber artist with a great sense of humor – This doesn’t get any better! Thanks for the post!

  4. Sirmittenz says:

    They remind me of cat toys

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