Ratchet Corkscrew

While this ratcheted corkscrew still forces you to tug and yank and curse the cork out of the top of the bottle, at least you'll have a couple of calories more energy to do so than if you'd used a traditional twist-top corkscrew. Each ratcheted corkscrew is $100, the equivalent of 100 bottles of the finest ripple. A cheaper solution: smashing the neck of each bottle with a handy household ratchet wrench, then filtering out the glass chips with the hem of your oily hobo shirt. Catalog Page [Solutions.com via Gadget Lab via Book of Joe]
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2 Responses to Ratchet Corkscrew

  1. han says:

    You don’t need an oily hobo shirt if you do the smashing right.

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Hey, “oily to bed…”

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