Video: Funny Ford Sync Commercial

I saw this commercial for the Ford Sync in-car computer system last night and thought it was pretty humorous. The way the actors so confidently command their environment really sells it. It's like one of those paleo-future "Imagine the Future" pieces from ten years back, only gone all pear shaped.
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8 Responses to Video: Funny Ford Sync Commercial

  1. Peaceflag2007 says:

    This is still going to lead to road accidents, becuase your mind is focused on something else than the road.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, all they need is Scottie with a mouse in his hand, “Computer? Hello computer?” and they have another whole commercial. ha.

  3. CitrusFreak12 says:

    Link is borked.

  4. CitrusFreak12 says:

    Or… not. It said “this video has been removed” a minute ago. Either you fixed it real quick or YouTube is a liar.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I also like this other Ford/SYNC commercial.

  6. willdaddy says:

    I almost spit my beer across the room when I first saw it, quite funny indeed.

  7. jbang says:

    “Video has been removed”, simultaneous tab to the YouTube page.

    This is all very much like an article I read in Wired, about a decade ago, when it was still awesome.

  8. Dewi Morgan says:

    Truly awesome! They are telling you “we don’t have the tech to make this work yet, and terrible things will happen when it goes wrong, but we’re still putting it in a *car*. Yes, that’s right. A car. One of those mobile environments that drives past noisy crowds, with chatting passengers and music playing loud.”

    When you drive past someone who cries out “open trunk!” or “start diagnostic!”, you will know that you are in truly safe hands. You pull up into your parking space and a passer by calls out “Format see colon enter why enter!”

    The last line says it all. “Powered by Microsoft”.

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