Video: "The Computer Chronicles" Visits Japan Tech Expo '85

A full half-hour video from a show called "The Computer Chronicles" as they travel to Japan for the 1985 Computer Expo in Japan, full of dancing robot girls, an early version of the French Minitel, early text-to-speech, the first JumboTRON—pretty much all the stuff we're currently enjoying today, just in boxes much more beige and square. I love the robot that plays the organ—such a wonderfully needless abstraction of MIDI. Ghosts of Tokyo Tech Past - The Computer Chronicles Visits Japan For Expo ‘85 [TV In Japan]
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5 Responses to Video: "The Computer Chronicles" Visits Japan Tech Expo '85

  1. adamrice says:

    Wow. Right off the bat we hear “Gary Kildall is off today.”

    There’s so much couldabeen history in that name. But instead he was doing a show for San Mateo TV.

  2. abkad says:

    This is the show where I first heard about BeOS when I was much younger, and thought I saw the future of computing. Also, that female voice sounds like one of the hosts on NPR. Perhaps Liane Hansen or Nina Totenberg.

  3. ranjit says:

    Whoa – I was at Expo 85 in Tsukuba. I don’t remember anything that’s in the video except the giant floating cube.

  4. astock27 says:

    That was totally awesome. Although, they could have used an editor…a few bits dragged pretty bad.

    And did anyone catch that they said the entire country of Japan had Fiber Optic cables run across the whole country? In 1985? Wow. We still haven’t gotten that far here in the US yet.

    One last humorous bit here is the guy that’s the computer expert they interviewed at the Expo. He said, in as many words as possible that “the thing that really makes robots different from humans is that they aren’t alive”. He’s a genius!

  5. Beschizza says:

    OMG, it’s like real-life Look Around You!

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