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Stephen Levy's huge profile of the Amazon Kindle eBook reader in Newsweek may not include an image of the device, but it did give us one clue as to its appearance: it's default font, a serifed face from Linotype, called "Caecilia." The rest of the article is worth a read if you're into the eBook concept, and outlines the basics of the Kindle program, confirming that the devices will cost $400, have EV-DO radios built-in for over-the-air eBook purchases, and will have at least some sort of PDF support. (The real question, as always, is if the device will also display plaintext files; we'll find out soon, I'm sure.) Book prices vary, but examples are given from $2 for classics to $10 to just-published works. The Future of Reading []
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3 Responses to Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Font

  1. Sam says:

    I think the two ‘real questions’ are:

    1. Will the EV-DO service cost extra?

    2. How is the (inevitable) DRM scheme going to screw us?

  2. Brian Carnell says:

    DRM is Mobipocket, which Amazon.Com bought awhile ago.

    Cybook still looks like the best option in this space since it will display so many different non-DRMed formats.

  3. JV says:

    That’s probably really interesting, but I couldn’t get past the 32nd word.

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