Smartstrap Retractable Tow Rope

This "Smartstrap" is a 3,333-pound towing rope that stows safely away inside the retracting plastic case. That's good, since so many tow ropes get left in a lump at the bottom of a trunk or left to the elements in the bed of a pick-up. It's 14-feet long and extends symmetrically up until the full length. (I'm fairly certain you must manually wind it back up when you're done.) It can be found for around $25. A Self-Stowing Strap [Toolmonger]
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One Response to Smartstrap Retractable Tow Rope

  1. crumpledfarm says:

    I saw these at Target yesterday, they don’t appear to latch when extended and act kind of like a double-sided nylon tape measure, without the lock button of course. I wasn’t so impressed.

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