Cardboard Cake Plate by Jung-Suk Choi

This simple concept from Jung-Suk Choi incorporates a plate and eating utensil both into a recyclable paper plate. (But mostly I'm just linking it because it's cake.) Cake. Cakes Ret’ To Eat []
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5 Responses to Cardboard Cake Plate by Jung-Suk Choi

  1. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Don’t see why. Food coloring would do that. So would pistachios.

  2. Lexica says:

    Looks like green tea (matcha) cake to me, possibly with red bean filling. (Mmm!)

    For comparison, here’s a photo of a slice of green tea sponge cake roll.

  3. hemidemisemiquaver says:

    Please shut up about the cake and its veracity. Every time you repeat that tired cliche, GlaDOS kills a companion cube.

  4. Joffrey says:

    It is a very nice and so useless!
    But the cakes looks weird here…

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s because the cake is a lie…


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