Hulger Rethinks the CFL Light Bulb

The designers at Hulger thought that compact fluorescent light bulb design is too staid. (And boy are they right, although there's an obvious practical reason why the tight little coils of CFL bulbs are the way they are.) So doing what designers do, Hulger created several prototype bulb designs in the hopes of inspiring bulb manufacturers to offer more attractive options. I think they're just wonderful. They remind me of the phosphor trails left in your eyes after someone waves a light stick. Dezeen has the whole run in pictures. Plumen low-energy bulbs by Hulger [Dezeen]
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5 Responses to Hulger Rethinks the CFL Light Bulb

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking like daylight is AN idea of lighting ,not THE idea. If the latter were true there would not be the huge market for candles ,with their yellow glow,no one would buy dimmer switches, various mood lights,there would be no theatrical lighting,holiday lighting,light shows etc Furthermore,daylight dispays uncountable myriad variations of colr,brightness, intensity etc.
    The cfls do release mercury gas when broken,A serious concern in my view. I also think LEDs will be the best solution eventually. Another issue is drastic overlighting,there’s an awful lot of wattage wasted by un-needed lights burning. Many urban dwellers never ever see the stars.

  2. mikeyboy says:

    the white-trash market already has them beat. i’ve seen fluorescent bulbs that look like palm trees @ walmart.

  3. GammaBlog says:

    I appreciate the artistry of these designs, but I don’t like CFL. The mercury-waste is a problem, and the quality of the light is unpleasant. I’m hopeful of the rapid increase in quality of white LEDs. But until they are ready for my reading lamp, I’ve started replacing my regular incandescent bulbs with the halogens that painlessly screw in where the old bulb was and produces a bit more lumens per watt. Does anyone have information on the toxic footprint of either of these.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The CFL bulb is just another way for anti-America globalists to force Americans to pay higher taxes, change their way of life and suurender their freedoms to the UN. I will never use them as long as incandescents and flourescents are still available. The light the CFL gives off is as cold as Hillarious Rotten Clintoon’s heart…

  5. richms says:

    I am not alone in preferring the light from fluorescents. In fact, looking around the street, the crusty yellow glow of incandescents is disappearing and the nicer daylight is popping up. The poor colours only seem to be in the 2700k ones which are the ones that try to emulate the crusty orange that an incandescent gives you, the 6500k ones make everything look like daylight, which is the idea of lighting.

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