'Magnetique' Adjustable Shelf; 'Storyline' Sound Wave Shelf

Freshome has two appealing sets of shelves up for perusal today: the first, "Magnetique," allows you to easily stick plywood boxes to a long strip of sheet metal using magnets; the second, "Storyline," translates the audio waveform of a word into a bookshelf. (In this case, "bliss.") The Magnetique is available in multiple configurations from €700 to €1250 or so, while the Storyline is available for $320. Magnetique Shelf [Freshome] Storyline Bookshelf [Freshome]
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One Response to 'Magnetique' Adjustable Shelf; 'Storyline' Sound Wave Shelf

  1. pedmands says:

    The Storyline Bookshelf is actually the word “Bliss” twice, the second time around it is simply rotated 180 degrees. I don’t know what that would sound like aurally, but it sure ain’t blissful.

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