Target Dabbles in Refurbished Gadgets

Retailer Target has started selling refurbished goods from its web site, primarily iPods, game consoles (Gamecubes?), and flat-screen TVs. The deals on the iPods are pretty good—$180 for a 30GB iPod video (Gen 5)—but no better than the price of refurbished iPods directly purchased from Apple. Still, it's good to see a big retailer dabbling in refurbs, since I am a mega-cheapo and don't like to see perfectly good gear go to waste. Pre-owned Electronics [Target] Target testing online sales of used electronics [Reuters]
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One Response to Target Dabbles in Refurbished Gadgets

  1. Freddie Freelance says:

    Now if Target would only have a free In-Store pick-up option for shipping it’d be even cheaper…

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