Thirsty Light Reminds You to Water Your Plants

The "Thirsty Light" is simple enough, measuring the electrical resistance in your houseplant's soil and flashing an LED when it appears to have gone dry. They'd be a waste to use in each pot, but at just $10 a pop, one might be a handy reminder that it's time to make another round with the pitcher. Product Page []
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2 Responses to Thirsty Light Reminds You to Water Your Plants

  1. Registrado says:

    “They’d be a waste to use in each pot”

    Indeed. But get the price down to where it’s about about a magnitude lower (replacing a plant multiplied by the “forgetfulness factor”) – (say, maybe $3 total ) and you’d have a sure winner. Nobody likes killing plants, but nobody (that I know of) spends too much on them, either.

  2. pork musket says:

    I bought a plant that wilts very dramatically when the water supply is low, and I hung it in my kitchen. Whenever I see it starting to wilt, I make a round with the pitcher. It’s nicer looker and doesn’t require manufacturing/batteries.

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