Cat Spa Might Actually Be Used By Cats

I want to mock anything called the "Cat Spa," but looking at this unit, which includes all sorts of little nubs for rubbing and a tooth-cleaning rubber chew with can be filled with catnip, it's hard not to think that cats would totally love this thing. Or they'd be absolutely terrified by it, giving it baleful looks from across the room. Or the latter for a few weeks, then the former. This is why I never buy cats gifts, but gift certificates. The Cat Spa is $25. Catalog Page [Amazon via Coolest-Gadgets via Inventor Spot]
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7 Responses to Cat Spa Might Actually Be Used By Cats

  1. Bruce Arthurs says:

    The blue plastic dome in the center tends to come off after a while. Some of our cats loved it, others ignored it.

  2. regansbox says:

    I babysit for a colony of ferals that’s been transitioned to indoor cats, and they think it’s the foshizzle. One of them will drape him or herself over it and eyeball cats walking by as if to say, “You want this cat spa? Well, you can’t have it. Nyeah.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    My cats hated it so much that they peed on it.

  4. Vorple says:

    Where is it manufactured?

  5. valet says:

    I got one of these for my cats several years ago. I was so sure they’d enjoy it. I’m afraid that it sat, ignored, for at least a year.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If it’s $25 toy vs free paper bag or box – the free box always wins. Cats are easy to please, at least mine are.

    Of course if you sprinkle cosmic catnip on any toy, device, box or otherwise, you can be sure cats will use for for awhile.

  7. EricT says:

    Actually I saw one of these at my brothers a few years ago. he called it a “Cat Dildo”
    I thought that was funny

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