Eizo FlexScan Monitor for the Colorblind

This 24-inch LCD panel from Eizo coverts standard-color graphics into those viewable by those with color blindness. Called the "FlexScan SX2461W-U," it has all the standard trimmings, including two DVI inputs and a USB hub. It's going for $1,250 in Japan, although it appears Dell has imported older models from Eizo before, so it may be purchasable from them in the future. For those who might wonder if it is possible to do the same thing in software, there appears to be a program called eyePilot that does something very similar. FlexScan SX2461W-U, the 24” LCD designed for “colorblind” people [Akihabara News via Gizmodo]
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I use the online version of “Vischeck” all the time to simulate red-green colorblindness on images I make for wikipedia (to check how clear they are). The site also has an online program called “Daltonize” that adjusts the colors of an image to make some color differences clearer to a red-green colorblind person. I think both are available free for download although I’ve never tried.


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