Umbrella Flask: Swigin' in the Rain

This handsome umbrella's handle screws off to reveal a test tube-like "flask." For £425, you might be better off concealing your booze inside your own belly. For just $20, you could instead purchase the beer pager, a coozie that sounds an alarm via a remote to help you locate your misplaced beer. Product Page [ via Gizmodo via Urban Daddy]
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One Response to Umbrella Flask: Swigin' in the Rain

  1. pupdog says:

    My father has a walking stick similar to this, except it’s a brass knob on top, and the flask-tube is stoppered onto the bottom of the knob, There’s a spring inside the shaft to cushion the bottom of the tube, and the brass knob screws apart itself into two halves, to store whatever you might want to hide…

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