Funde Razor '07 Grand Prizes Revealed: Life-Sized Weighted Companion Cube Plushies

Funde Razor, the annual event we hold to raise money for Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity, has its grand prize: these two life-sized Weighted Companion Cube plushies as seen in the game Portal, crafted for us by Diane Koss. We'll be raffling off one each at both the Brooklyn and Denver events and hopefully a third one on eBay for those who can't make it out on Wednesday, December 12th. But if you can make it out, you should! It's always a good time, filled with much Guitar Hero and Rock Band playing, good beer, and lots of prizes. This year's grand prize was underwritten by the Bond Street Group. We appreciate it! Event Page []
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8 Responses to Funde Razor '07 Grand Prizes Revealed: Life-Sized Weighted Companion Cube Plushies

  1. hemidemisemiquaver says:

    Wow, they’re even actually square! I wonder if they’re actually weighted, too? Because otherwise they won’t work with my 1500 megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super-colliding Super-button.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will this cube threaten to stab me?

  3. Cpt. Tim says:

    this is a triumph!

  4. Thud says:

    Will there be cake?

  5. Euryale says:

    Oh god. I want one so bad. So, so bad. It would be my best friend.

  6. pattihaskins says:

    Contact the artist and ask her to make one for you!

  7. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    Quite the flattering likeness!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

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