Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires

Bicycle company Nirve offers several bike tires with patterns in the tread, including pinwheels, flames, and Japan's beloved anthropomorphic rectal suppository, Hello Kitty. They're $20-25 a pop. Catalog Page [Nirve.com] (Thanks, Riffola!)
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9 Responses to Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires

  1. Milford Cubicle says:

    Not the most substantial tread I have ever seen.
    Are these tyres manufactured by the now infamous
    Di Yung Tyre Company?

  2. Benny says:

    Laser projection? They’ll just carve a giant Hello Kitty face right onto the moon with a huge laser.

    I love that now every time I run over a kid with my bike, I can say I did it out of love, the Hello Kitty imprints on their face says so.

  3. V says:

    Yeah, but can I get them in 180/55 ZR17?

  4. michaelk says:

    Why not just buy the whole bike while you’re at it?


    We were selling these last year at least at my bike shop…

  5. cautionyou says:

    Mod Converter can convert the .mod files recorded by most popular digital camcorders.

  6. deusdiabolus says:

    These look like sidewalk/subdivision pavement-only tires. If you were to encounter rough terrain or a slick patch, the only good thing about these would be that as the CSIs examined the mangled remains of you and your bicycle, one of them would have an unexpected cute moment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    #6: Believe it or not, when you’re dealing with the round profile of a bicycle tire, slicks work quite well on pavement, even when wet. I’ve been running fat slicks on my recumbent for years.

    However, they fail in mud, sand, or snow, and for ice, studded tires are best.

  8. Halloween Jack says:

    Remember the Legion of Super Heroes annual that had Darkseid commanding a bunch of brainwashed Daxamites to sculpt an entire planet into his image? I think that that’s what will eventually happen to Earth, only it’ll be Hello Kitty.

  9. George Curious says:

    I think they’ll launch a sat that will project a huge Hello Kitty laser projection onto the moon.

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