Luggage Store Shaped Like Airplane

On the fancy side of my neighborhood in Park Slope, Brooklyn, "Flight 001" models each of their luggage stores to look like the interior of an airplane. Racked had a look around. Rackage: Flight 001 Park Slope [Racked]
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  1. Milford Cubicle says:

    What a fantastic idea. Some years ago I experience a jeans shop in Devon, England that was a replica of the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Could not see the connection as I had never seen Captain Kirk in Jeans.

    I would suggest some additional improvements though:
    1) At least 4 crying babies and a couple of out of control toddlers to be added to the store to provide more realism (may hasten the decision making process for the indecisive shopper).
    2) When you show some interest in a particular suitcase, it should automatically fall uncontrollably from the overhead luggage bin.
    3) Only luggage with the CCRR approval rating to be sold (Car Crusher and Road Roller exposure tests).

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