N°2 and N°4 Decanters by Etienne Meneau

While Etienne Meneau's N°2 and N°4 decanters are a whopping €2,000 apiece, they are inarguably appealing. Don't even try to argue! As Core77 points out, the "branchier" N°4, when filled with a red wine, looks a bit like blood vessels. It reminds me of the circulatory systems they show at the Bodies exhibits, where latex-filled arterial networks are removed from corpses—or rather, the bodies are removed from around the latex using some indeterminately gruesome method—and hang in the air like primary-colored trees. Strangely, I bet you could buy a dead body for less than these decanters. Etienne Meneau's Decanters N°2 and N°4 [Core77]
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10 Responses to N°2 and N°4 Decanters by Etienne Meneau

  1. deebeegee says:

    ok, it looks neat, but how in the hell would you clean it after using it?

  2. pork musket says:

    Damn, that looks like it would be fun as hell to smash

  3. Moe says:

    These look cool, but it’s not great for wine.

    The purpose of a decanter is twofold:

    1. To get rid of sediments (which this does fine)
    2. To aerate the wine

    Aerating is potentially more important, especially with harsher wines. This obviously does not do that since a very small surface area is open to the air. This is why most decanters are large balloons.

  4. soni says:

    @6 The best way to clean anything with nooks and crannies like that is to fill it with warm water and drop in one or two denture tablets, broken up if necessary to get it thoroughly mixed. Works like a charm on novelty vases, baby toys, fancy-pants liqueur glasses with hollow stems, etc. Also good for cleaning toothbrushes.

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    I said no arguing!

  6. DeWynken says:

    I’ll hook ya up with a corpse for $1499.

    hypothetically of course.

    screw wine. Those would rock for chilled vodka!

  7. Moon says:

    I thought aerating and removing sediment wasn’t required anymore. So the whole purpose of a decanter is outmoded.

    /Modern wine making techniques make it moot?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The bodies exhibit preserves with silicone, not latex.

  9. Halloween Jack says:

    Moe isn’t arguing, just stating a fact. Look, if you really like the human-anatomy-wine-serving-thingy thing, you really can’t go wrong with the wine goblet made from a human skull. Hook your fingers into the eye sockets as you sip your Egri Bikavér for added looks of horror from your enemies as they kneel, bound* and vanquished, in front of your throne made of human femurs while scantily-clad attendants writhe sensually** around you. Of course, you’ll have to use a ceramic replica of a skull, because owning human remains is illegal, although some docs still have their own.

    *Just make sure that everyone knows the safeword beforehand, mmkay?

    **Or is it sensuously? I can never remember.

  10. Crash says:

    I wonder if this will be legal in Texas.

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