Retro Flashlight Motherlode!

Holy shit! Just as I get all excited about Dan's antique flashlight, I follow a link from his site leading to the "Flashlight Museum," a trove of amazing retro models showcased by a flashlight aficionado. Above, the "Rod-D-Lite," a combination fishing rod (or handle and reel, at least) and USALite flashlight, made sometime in the '40s. Fantastic.
And here to the right, a Sterling silver flashlight-shaped flask from the Prohibition era. These are both just from the "Recent Acquisitions" page! There are literally dozens of noteworthy flashlights in his archive. Go check it out.
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4 Responses to Retro Flashlight Motherlode!

  1. mellowknees says:

    Any chance you can provide a link to the Flashlight Museum? I can’t seem to find the link from Dan’s page…and, well, I’m supposed to be working so I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to searching for it. :)

  2. picklefactory says:

    Damn it all, where’s the Galvanic Lucipher?

  3. Lagged2Death says:

    Sadly, the Galvanick Lucipher was fictional.

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    Do you suppose that he owns any Fleshlights?

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