Chiptune Composer BubblyFish on the Warmth of Lo-Fi

While chiptune music resonates for me in part because of the generational memories infused by years of 8-bit videogaming, chiptune artist Haeyoung Kim (a.k.a. "BubblyFish"), in this interview on Listening Post, offers another theory:
LP: I think I get the sound of chiptune music -- I mean, it sounds good to me -- and I was wondering, do you have to have grown up with classical videogames in order to get it, or... HK: Not at all.  Like me, I was never a videogamer when I was growing up.  Yes, that was the time when I grew up, but I did not play any games.  I think the videogame sound is very general, and it's very familiar to different generations.  It doesn't have to be [just for] the generation that grew up with it.  So people will be familiar, and also, this lo-fi sound is a very distinctive and warm sound, and I think that's why people love it so much.
Interview: Chiptune Artist Haeyoung Kim, BubblyFish [Listening Post] Prevously: Blip Festival '07 Starts Tomorrow [BBG]
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