"Coffee Table Ottoman" is Not a Pillow, Says Manufacturer of Foam-Stuffed Cloth Bag

From the F.A.Q. page of teh $45 "Coffee Table Ottoman," a memory foam foot rest designed to be placed on your coffee table:
Q. Why not just use a pillow?   A. Not only would a pillow slide all around the coffee table, you put your head there. Keep your pillows clean and use a Coffee Table Ottoman.
So hear me out on this: What if you had two pillows... Product Page [RelaxationDesigns.com]
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7 Responses to "Coffee Table Ottoman" is Not a Pillow, Says Manufacturer of Foam-Stuffed Cloth Bag

  1. Anonymous says:

    “two pillows” i believe that’s what the kids call lol!

  2. likethebirds says:

    …or maybe just two pillowcases??

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have used the coffee table ottoman and I can tell you that it is leaps and bounds better than a pillow. I couldn’t imagine loungin without it!

  4. cayton says:

    TWO PILLOWS!?!?! well that, Mr. Johnson, is just wasteful…

  5. Anonymous says:

    There are three things that I am willing to die for, GOD, Country, and my Coffee Table Ottoman!

  6. devophill says:

    “Those aren’t two pillows!”

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