In Which I Melt Down Over the Troika AM/FM Radio

It is taking an act of will not to purchase this gorgeous AM/FM radio from German design haus Troika. It plucks every connective cord that resonates between my design lobe and my wallet—a smattering of silver knobs, a giant exposed speaker driver, held in wood like an electric ice cream sandwich. And it's tiny—just a five-inch square. Oh, my heart! This is my Aesthetic's Heel. You know, screw it. It's only $75. It must be mine. Please excuse my rapture. I don't even listen to the radio! The Trokia Boom Box can be bought at Seattle's Blackbird store for men or online at (where I just purchased mine so you bastards can't keep me from my little love idol). I confessed my post-purchase guilt to Gadget Lab's Rob Beschizza, who told me, "That is a radio to keep forever and give to a grandchild. 'All you'll hear is static, sonny—they sold the frequency off 10 years after I bought it, to AT&T Featuring Google. But we used to dance to the Macarana with this.'" [via Monoscope]
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16 Responses to In Which I Melt Down Over the Troika AM/FM Radio

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know, I’ve always had a soft spot for the ‘Steel This Amp’ WinAmp skin, which seems rather apropos here…

  2. Anonymous says:

    But, how does it compare to the Tivoli / Henry Kloss Model One?

    Clearly, the antenna is sexier. But does it do MW or SW?

  3. Chris S says:

    You can use a radio like this for almost all your listening if you think about it.

    Get a “whole house FM transmitter”, and hook it up to the computer. Then use this radio as your usual listening point. It’s battery-powered, so you can drop in your most relaxing playlist, and take the radio out on the deck. No longer are you a geek – the neighbours will just think you’ve found the best radio station out there.

    (For extra effect, create fake station IDs and drop them into the playlist at periodic intervals.)

  4. kirkjerk says:

    It’s a very attractive radio but I’m trying to keep to my vow not to buy a radio without digital tuning.

    That’s not just a fancy dial for digital tuning, is it?

  5. dculberson says:

    The lack of a line input is unfortunate: they could have added one very easily. Did you order it in light or dark wood? I’d love to see what the dark wood looks like; I need a new alarm clock.

    Something like this without the speaker and with a line-in would make a totally kick-ass computer amplifier. This is what the T-amp 2 should’ve looked like.

  6. ps says:

    my man nothing better than a 70s sytle hi-fi design and this certainly harkens back to that.

    I love my marantz 2230 and would kill for a marantz 4400 (it has a oscilloscope built in!)

    but man between my two 70’s hi-fi’s, full size speakers (at least 40 lbs each) I barely paid $100.

    so as much as I love this cute lil desktop radio clock, the only way I could justify it would be if my digital alarm clock were to tragically jump to its death from my end table…hmmmmm

  7. dculberson says:

    I forgot to add: After the demise of broadcast FM, you can listen to the singing of the stars that burned out a long, long time ago.

    With apologies to David Byrne.

  8. cha0tic says:

    I do listen to the radio. Want.

  9. skot says:

    i for one would appreciate you telling us how it sounds when you get it.

  10. Michiel says:

    Tune it to BBC World Service!

  11. Dave X says:

    I hope you’ll start giving radio a chance… if you’re in a big city (or in a handful of lucky smaller ones) you might be able to find an independent community station. Otherwise, it’s really dumb to blow $75 just because it’s shiny.

  12. wmeredith says:

    FYI all,

    It’s $69.95 at ShoeBuy(!?).

    Plus you get free shipping and $20 off if you buy with Paypal. Enter “PAYPAL20″ at checkout.

    I just bought one for $49.95 shipped to my door.

  13. ianm says:

    I still listen to the radio as I love the university radio stations in my town (winnipeg).

    If you are in Seattle, most likely you can pick up CBC Radio from Canada – very much a joyous companion to your new stylish device. If you listen throughout the (24 hour) day, you can find many delightful things, and later on in the evenings and weekends many shows that target audiences <60 :)

  14. Donal says:

    I love radios. Currently I my main set is an old Marantz AM/FM/LW that I bought off ebay for €15. A couple of digital radios around the house, but most recently I bought the Bush re-issue of the old radio everyone in Ireland & the UK had in their houses in the 60’s & 70’s. Seen on this page 2nd image from left on top.
    (I also have the wind-up one which also has a torch built-in, on the bottom right, but in red)!

    I gotta say though…. on Joel’s link….they might be Design Store but they have no idea how to design a website, and I’m not a designer or a programmer.

  15. Simon Greenwood says:

    I wonder if there’s a DAB model for the European market. The Germans are into DAB in quite a big way – I had a Blaupunkt DAB radio in my car four years ago. It looks very 70s in a good way.
    Those in the UK who have a hankering for something similar should look at Roberts radios. They’re a venerable brand with a combination of hi-tech and classic design.

  16. perkis says:

    oh, what a disappointment! — I don’t think anyone discussing this has actually seen one — it’s actually a tiny, ultra-cheap, very bad sounding plastic chinese radio. You could not use the handle as a stand with the one I got, it would just collapse. Build quality was extremely poor.

    The picture makes it look so great. Forget about comparing it to a Tivoli or any other serious or semi-serious radio. Enjoy the lovely picture of it and save yourself the disappointment of the reality.

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