Heat-Sensitive ON/OFF Coffee Mug

This heat-sensitive coffee mug turns from "OFF" to "ON" when filled with hot liquid—preferably coffee, although ice-cold laudanum might also be appropriate. It's 25 bucks right now at Charles & Marie, which is painful. Doubly so because my experience with heat-sensitive coffee mugs is that the plastic lining that actually does the changing can be too easily washed off, especially if left in a wet sink. Soupe Du Jour [CharlesAndMarie.com via Technabob]
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5 Responses to Heat-Sensitive ON/OFF Coffee Mug

  1. kristofer says:

    While interesting, I’ve given up on coffee mugs, they just don’t hold enough liquid, I just stick to the large insulated metal travel types that hold 16oz plus.. less trips to fill it up!

  2. PopeRatzo says:

    Kristofer, you could rig up a belt of several of those large insulated metal travel jugs and some rubber tubing and perhaps lab-style glass valves, and you wouldn’t even have to get up from your chair for days at a time.

    “Less trips to fil it up!” Indeed.

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Hmm, If it was also a self stirring mug for the price I’d probably spring for it.

  4. Eidiard says:

    For me I think cold it should say “DANGER” and when warm it should say “SAFE”

  5. Gary61 says:

    ‘On’ and ‘Off’???
    Why not ‘Hot’ and ‘Not’?
    or maybe ‘Full’ and ‘Empty’?
    or ‘Chillin’ and ‘Smokin’?
    howabout images instead, like ‘igloo’ and ‘fireplace’?

    I mean, seriously, just who WERE the design geniuses behind thse word choices?
    Mark, wouldya be so kind as to smack them over their heads?

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