Clever Cigarette Pack Lid

I don't quite understand how it works from just looking at the picture, but according to Trends in Japan, this special-edition cigarette pack in Japan "opens and closes automatically when you push from the bottom." Looks like it's all mechanical to me, not electrical. Still, I love new ways to continue to die. Lark Artist Pack series: Japanese cigarette branding []
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The label is printed on a sleeve which is open at the bottom. The cigarettes are contained in an inner box. The lid is connected to both the inner and outer boxes. To open, you push up on the inner box at the bottom, and the lid pops open.

    It’s probably all folded from one piece of cardstock.

  2. Sirmittenz says:

    let’s all make increasingly longer posts describing how this thing works

  3. Registrado says:

    let’s all make increasingly longer posts describing how this thing works

    Or just translate into Korean and back (accomplishes pretty much the same thing):

    To be like this it was simple… Rubbing inside showing the size which is suitable there is a box inside the external box. You to insert and comfort too much plentifully at the time of the wheat l hundred million Ji in order in order to fix the description below which it forms, the seam of each box is identical and side it is being possible, you whom it offsets but with hand weaving this “are as cold as ice in the different reason about your swip to be joyful one friend,” being a thingy when trying the thing which will be visible distributor or your silver which flows out when nik it will ask it sends, — it spreads out to where U li to three the ball theyn the place. With multi the fact that it is in the most big cig box together, the top cover the hinge is month n in the external knife house, it is possible but to it and — this sprout all there is a flap from the internal knife house which it fixes is the fact that it raises it it is similar in Ji comfort book. The flap in the hinge operates in smalll radius, is like that and will get the roll motion of the highest flap which it spreads out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So simple… there’s an inner box that is dimensioned to friction-fit within an outer box. The seams of each box are probably on the same side, but offset vertically so that they form an interference fit when you push up too much — you’d look pretty silly if this nail dispenser sent your stash spilling everywhere when you tried to show this “another reason drugs are cool” thingy to your easily-amused friends. The top cover is hinged to the outer sheath, as is with most cig boxes, but there’s a flap from the inside sheath that probably fits in it — this is what raises it, similar to a pop-up-book. The flap operates at a smalll radius to the hinge, so you’ll get a rotational motion of the top flap.

    The drawback to this trick is that it can be done over and over without actually consuming the product. This can be easily fixed by adding an auto-lighting mechanism — by adding match material to the tips of the cigarettes and a striker mechanism to the outer sheath (and a hole in the inner sheath so you light only one at a time). It would be dangerous to keep a lit cigarette in the pack, so a little rocket propellent could make it fly out of the pack before lighting the others. Of course, you’d also need stabilizing fins, but those could be made of flash paper and burn away after the rocket has finished its flight. The flash would also help cigarette smokers get the attention they seek.

  5. Anonymous says:

    C’Mon thats friggin simple. The outer box is a sheath around the inner box, to which is attached the lid. The lid is coupled to the sheath by a tab which opens and closes the lid as the inner box moves in relation to the sheath.

    I could draws you a pitchure if you wants.

  6. Gainclone says:

    It… thing… have… sliding… with… boxes…. of… it of theys.


    Of theys.

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