Roland SH-101 Synthesizer Cake

This fantastic cake is a tribute to the Roland SH-101 synthesizer, with Kit-Kat black keys, Rollo knobs, and sliders made from Andes mints. Adorable. at long last! [ via Music Thing]
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4 Responses to Roland SH-101 Synthesizer Cake

  1. schönberger says:

    @muppet: it still is an excellent little synth. and my grey version does not lack the guitar grip either. (I must know — I still play it regularly.)

    for anyone into geek cakes, please also check out the commodore 64 cake my girlfriend made for my last birthday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I play one of these, but I only managed to make a very crude approximation with my synth gateau!

  3. Beschizza says:

    Watch out! The cake is a Portal meta joke!

  4. Muppet says:

    aha, that was an excellent little synth. . . I spent hours playing with its knobs :)

    The standard version was grey and lacked the little guitar-style neck but if i remember correctly there was a limited edition (and much sought-after these days) guitar-style red version , which gives this cake the extra cool/geek factor.

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