Acorn-Shaped Wooden MP3 Player

This wooden MP3 player, dubbed the "ACORN" for obvious reasons, is just 35mm tall. A small joystick on the top would seem to control playback, but I really hope that they somehow incorporated a twist on the cap to control something else, such as volume. A standard minijack connection comes out fo the bottom. It is just super adorable, with loads more charm than any iPod Shuffle. The internals are apparently based on the same "DIY DAP" hardware that Evergreen already sells for around $40, which make it simple to craft your own shell for the simple players. An ACORN DAP from EverGreen [ via Gizmodo]
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2 Responses to Acorn-Shaped Wooden MP3 Player

  1. Judan Suki says:

    I love it, but what about the battery? Where’s that? I am not a tech freak but I think I’ve heard that some things need batteries in order to work. Other thank that I am almost a hundred per cent sure that this is what I want for Christmas.

  2. Andres says:

    I like it. I want it

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