Gag-Sized MP3 Player

Image: B. Reinier MP3 decoding hardware is now so inexpensive that it can be placed into outsized gag gifts, like this "Colossal"-brand MP3 player available for sell at what appears to be your average crapstore. Is it sad that I sort of want one? COLOSSAL MP3 Ppayer [Flickr via Engadget]
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5 Responses to Gag-Sized MP3 Player

  1. Ape Lad says:

    I’ve seen those at Walgreen’s, which easily qualifies as a crapstore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want one of these REAL bad, just for the kitsch factor. Everytime I see it I check to see if it has gone on sale. Still can’t justify spending $20 for it. Hard to believe how this technology has progressed. I remember getting a Diamond Rio 32mb mp3 player many christmases ago, it probably costed 20 times what this costs.

  3. A New Challenger says:

    Now the gigantic universal remote makes some sense, especially for the armchair quarterback in your life. The calculator is also cute. This just defies logic.

    Yeah, I have a brand new Walgreens just down the road.

  4. camh says:

    Hey, I know you guys at boing boing didn’t do anything wrong, but the Flickr user who you linked to is an asshole and stole my photo.


    Dated November 5th, two days before the other photo.

  5. nex says:

    Holds all of 256MB. If someone could hack it to hold 2.56TB, not that would be something. Maybe if it was filled solid with notebook drives and only spun up the one that’s currently in use, this would be feasible, power consumption-wise … and it would probably be just as robust and reliable as the original model depicted above ;-)

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