Reborn Vase Concept Dries Flowers for Display

Wholly unnecessary, the "Reborn" vase is still nigh-on brilliant in concept. It slowly turns your fresh cut flowers upside down over the course of a few days, the better to dry them, then brings them back upright after they've dried. There's absolutely no reason that this concept should ever be made into a real product, but there's a poetry to the idea I find really appealing. This is the kind of stuff I'd love to see more of if the impact from the production were less of an issue. Until then, a little bit of a twine and a rafter will have to do. Flower Power Fun From A Vase []
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One Response to Reborn Vase Concept Dries Flowers for Display

  1. SlimSpady says:

    This would be perfect at cemeteries and mausoleums.
    Then you only have to visit Grandpa annually to change the flowers instead of bi-annually. :)

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