SideSwipe Blade Keeps Mixer Bowls Clean

The SideSwipe Mixer Blade is an aftermarket addition for head-tilt stand mixers which adds silicone fins that keep the sides of the bowl scrapped clean, preventing wasted dough, but also precluding the joys of licking the bowl. It's $25. Versions for bowl-lift KitchenAids, Cuisinart, and Kenwood mixers are expected next year. (Warning: The link at The Kitchn includes a video that auto-plays.) Product Page [ via]
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4 Responses to SideSwipe Blade Keeps Mixer Bowls Clean

  1. driveby hootenanny says:

    Can’t wait for the product that auto-scrapes the SideSwipe blade. IOW, doesn’t this product (video link awol) just transfer the “excess” to itself?

  2. driveby hootenanny says:

    BTW, the comment above was not allowed to be posted anonymously. Some bullspit error message of “Text entered was wrong. Try again.” That’s pretty lame.

  3. Marshall says:

    I was just thinking about the hardiness of this thing myself – if it would stay together mixing some tough dough. At $25, I’d totally try it out, though.

  4. unfocused says:

    This looks to be great for liquids and semi-solids, but I probably wouldn’t use it for doughs and meatloaf mixing.

    I would hate to peel the silicone off the beater by having too stiff a mixture in the bowl.

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