Plastic Surgeon: Blister Pack Knife

Here's another knife designed to make dealing with blister pack plastic packaging easier: the "Plastic Surgeon." It's nine bucks, plus shipping, although you can get similar products like the Open X for around the same price. (And I've seen the Open X sold in stores.) You know what would be better? If retailers would just stop asking for companies to sell items in blister packs. I know they think it helps prevent theft. Maybe it does. But as a reformed teenage shoplifter (at least the teenaged part), I can assure you that thieves are only too happy to carry these sorts of knives with them, the better to liberate the item from its packaging in a dark corner. Product Page []
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5 Responses to Plastic Surgeon: Blister Pack Knife

  1. Muppet says:

    Blister packs should be banned.

    They can cut fingers, and , my very succesful shplftng career was ruined when I once took too long with a (also lfted) pair of scissors strugling with a blister pack. I should have had one of these. Farkers.

  2. Crash says:

    #3: You are suggesting that blister packs should be banned because they actually are effective at preventing theft?

  3. Anonymous says:

    A while back Lifehacker posted that using a can opener works perfectly.

  4. Karnuvap says:

    The secret to opening blister packs without tools is to know that their weak spot is the hole punched through them for the hanger. Get a finger into this hole and between the layers of blisteriness then a quick pull can usually rend the pack asunder.
    By the way – the weak spot for plastic tape binding that goes around copier paper boxes (for example) is the join. Tease the loose end up and it can easily be ripped from the other end. Even if some of the tape stays stuck, the joint will have been weakened and easily snapped.
    However – I accept no liability for any cuts you may suffer as a result of applying these techniques.
    As far as I know there is no easy way to manually open steel tape bindings that have been clipped together with another steel fixing.

  5. Rube says:

    Anyone else follow the link to the order page, and notice that it’s sold in one of the very packages it’s designed to open? I guess the idea is that AFTER you’ve opened that package, you’ll never have to struggle again.

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