Brazilian Company Gives Away iPods Inside Popsicles

A Brazilian ice-cream company is hiding 10,000 "propsicles," fake frozen treats that have an iPod Shuffle secreted inside, in packages with their normal popsicles. Crunch!
However, since people would be able to tell that an iPod is inside by looking at the package itself, they had to find an alternative. The popsicles with prize inside had to be exactly the same as the regular popsicles. The obvious solution was putting the shuffles inside a real popsicle, but this was ruled out as the humidity would have destroyed the shuffle in no time, even with plastic around it. The other idea: a fake ice cream that looked exactly like the real thing. "We developed a special prototype that emulates the real ice cream;" Neto says, "it protects the iPod from humidity, and it feels like the real ice cream. It is virtually impossible to fell the difference without opening the package." Their testing proved successful.
Ice Cream Company Gives Away 10,000 Frozen iPods Inside Popsicles [Gizmodo]
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5 Responses to Brazilian Company Gives Away iPods Inside Popsicles

  1. bach says:

    clearly these should have been called podsicles.

  2. ESQ says:

    Wonder how many people will be wandering the frozen aisle with a metal detector…?

  3. tresser says:

    …and mittens.

  4. dculberson says:

    What if you really, really wanted a Popsicle and ended up with an iPod shuffle? Wouldn’t you be so sad?

  5. Xiguli says:

    You could keep your weed in there.

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