Lighted Shower Head Changes Color with Temperature

This shower head's embedded LEDs change color with the temperature of the water, going from white to blue to red as it heats up. Even niftier, though, is that it requires to external power source to work, instead powering itself from the pressure of the water itself, presumably with a small turbine. Right now it's listed on, which means it's not easily available in a store, but perhaps will be when someone contracts the Chinese manufacturer to produce a bulk order. Product Page [ via Gadgets-News via Coolest-Gadgets]
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12 Responses to Lighted Shower Head Changes Color with Temperature

  1. FrankenPengie says:

    BOBKAT I like the Nuclear Food containers on that page. Take ‘em to work and watch the terrorist fun begin!

  2. BIZKeT says:

    That’s just friggin’ rad. As soon as those go on sale where I can buy just one I am on it.

  3. Muppet says:

    em, isn’t it about time we boycotted chinese stuff?

  4. bobkat says:

    There is already one available for faucets! It’s intended as a novelty but has actually been widely adopted for use by preschools, nursing homes, etc (anywhere someone could get accidentally burned)!

    You can find them here.

  5. mmbb says:

    bobkat, they’re cheaper ($15) on

    i’d love to get one of these shower heads, but there’s no way that i’m breaking up with my current one.

  6. Crash says:

    Joel, you seem to have a good eye for interesting novelties. Why not start your own import business?

  7. DeWynken says:

    Makes me wish I still did acid!

  8. zantony says:

    Shouldn’t “requires to external power source” be “requires -no- external power source”?

    Looks fun. Once you figure out what shade corresponds to your preferred temp, you’d never need get frozen or scalded again.

  9. Pimpvisual says:

    Now if it would additionally react to audio cues then I could get on with that disco shower experience.

  10. Halloween Jack says:

    I want one that’s red all the time, so that it looks like I’m showering in blood. Mua ha ha ha!

  11. Registrado says:

    To someone who grew up watching Mr. Freeze on the old Batman TV series (like me), this makes perfect sense.

  12. Shiron says:

    An invention similar to this one might help me to see more clearly when I’m shaving my butt in the shower.

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