Cerevellum Bike Computer Prototype

The Cerevellum is a bicycle multi-function system, built around a proprietary central "head-unit" that includes a video-capable screen. While modules that monitor heart rate and deliver GPS functionality are planned, the primary feature is the "Hindsight," a rear-facing camera that mounts on the seat post to give the rider a clear view behind. I'm pretty sure that is intended to be in the main package, but considering this unit is still in prototype phase, it'll probably be a while before we know any firm details. Product Page [Cerevellum via Gadget Lab via Bicycle Design]
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4 Responses to Cerevellum Bike Computer Prototype

  1. God says:

    Check out this brand new digital bicycle rear-view patent (20080239080):

    It claims: A rear vision system for providing a rider of a vehicle with an image of the view behind his vehicle independent of the rider’s head position, said system comprising;a video camera mounted to the vehicle and aimed at the vehicle’s rear view;a display, connected to the video camera for showing the live output video signal of the video camera, and worn on the rider’s head at a position visible to the rider;whereby the rider can safely and easily check his rear view at any head position.



  2. chipdumo says:

    I am an avid rider who started riding with a mirror for increased safety and stopped because it was terribly problematic. I am also a retired baby boomer who got in to the retail bike business after retirement. This is a great product that will have an excellent market potential for a certain bicycle enthusiast market segment. Price point will have to be in the $350 range for the basic module with hindsight and then up for other modules. A good wireless computer with cadence sells for about $200, Garmins GPS based Edge computer with cadence and a lot of training aids is about 300, so add a huge safety feature and the sale value is in the $350 to $400 range, in my view. I am very impressed and wish I had done it.

  3. RussNelson says:

    The problem with any “backwards vision” device is that a bike is bouncy! Of course your head is bouncing, but your perception corrects for that. Not so for a mirror or camera, because your ears don’t perceive their bouncing.

    Just turn your head, and use your ears.

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    This… is overkill. GPS and heartrate should have been the first things that they came up with; a standard “dentist mirror” helmet mounted rear view mirror is more practical than a little video camera. I can’t imagine that this get-up will cost less than my bicycle.

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