Sony Little TV Concept

Sony has designed this tiny little TV, designed to be held in the hand. From the concept description page:
Fast forward to 2007, when TOKYO FIBER set the stage to reexamine TV sets in the context of textiles. This time, it is textiles that may redefine television sets. Introducing fabric in TV design can again change the product landscape and stimulate our senses in entirely new ways. Sets that rest comfortably in the palm of your hand. Sets projecting images that reach you like the song of a little bird by your pillow. They are a form of "senseware"; small, round, and soft reinterpretations of products that feel nice and have character.
There is even a squeeze switch inside to control which pattern is displayed. (It doesn't actually appear to work as a television proper.) It's an awful lot like Chumby albeit with a more rubbery, textured surface instaed of plush. However you slice it, it's appealing, although unlike the Chumby, is not available for purchase. It also reminds me quite a bit of the "8-inch LCD TV" from the first Plus Minus Zero collection, which looks like a CRT tube removed from its housing, but has a small LCD panel inside. I would have picked that up when I was last in Japan, except they wanted $1,500 for it. Concept Page [ via Yanko]
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3 Responses to Sony Little TV Concept

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Sets projecting images that reach you like the song of a little bird by your pillow. “?! Did you get a chance to see any Japanese TV while you were here? Half of it is the bastard child of Jerry Springer and reality television strained through a terrifying color palette on budgets measured in the hundreds of dollars, and the other half is reaction shots of insipid “talents” eating the same food that everyone has had a hundred times before.

    It’s about the last thing I could possibly imagine wanting “like a little bird by my pillow”, though I suppose it’s better than a sledgehammer to the face.

    The design is pretty though :) . Pity they chose to wrap it around something so detestable.

  2. Fnarf says:

    So it’s a video iPod, except that it doesn’t play any kind of media, just a “pattern” (huh?) and it’s much, much larger, and it doesn’t actually exist. Uh, yeah. Cool, man. Like a, uh, lava lamp.

  3. KFont says:

    “…like the song of a little bird by your pillow.”

    Uh huh. Were the ad/marketing dudes high when they wrote this one? For their next product description, I’m sure they’ll reference the little pink elephants…

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