Cheap Crap with Free Shipping

dealextreme.jpg seems to be an online retailer where you can buy all that cheap Chinese crap you were never sure you needed. (You probably don't.) Worse, they have free shipping. Products range from the potentially useful, like the $45 personal cell phone jammer to kitschy, like a $7 motion-activated lung-shaped screaming ash tray. They've got those splatting pig balls for $2.50. A Zippo-shaped lighter with 4GB flash drive inside. A $7.50 PCI PC diagnostic card. A $2.50 browpencil-style travel chopsticks set. There's even a "Random Stuff" button on the side allowing you to spin the Wheel O' Crap. I am a'flutter, yet I will resist. This is just about the pinnacle of "wanton consumerism" mountain, but from way up here the prices look so small. Catalog Page [] (Thanks, Snack Admiral!)
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27 Responses to Cheap Crap with Free Shipping

  1. ThfRcn says:

    above comment looks really suspicious, doesn’t it?

  2. Evil Paul says:

    Oh God nooooo! What have you done?


  3. paul says:

    its suspicious because it IS a deal extreme store, scroll to the bottom and read the fine print.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve bought tons of stuff from DX, without any real issues… it’s like a dollar store that has *everything* but takes a week to four to get to you.
    The only problem I’ve ever had was trying to order a tritium keychain which have been notoriously backordered the second they come in stock.. I had to wait 2 weeks for them to tell me they were out of stock, and another couple days for a refund.

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    Holy shit, they have magic beans. They really are like that shop that appears out of nowhere and has everything.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ive gotten several things from DX. The DS Fire card took 3 weeks to ship, while the laptop video hookups came in a prompt 6 days.

  7. usefulcat says:

    I’ve bought a few things from here before. To the UK it does take a long time for stuff to turn up – from a fortnight up to a month – but it is cheap. They do ship stuff separately if it’s quicker – I’ve seen stuff worth less than a quid sent from Hong Kong by itself.

    You’ll find it’s even cheaper than ebay for crappy phone cases, covers, lcd protectors and suchlike. Check here first before you eBay!

  8. mote15147 says:

    Don’t make the same mistake I did. Dealextreme is wonderful as long as you are buying that cheap crap. If you have a problem , it’s another story. I had a defective P168, contacted them and after a very long lag time, they asked me to return it for replacement. To keep it short, they now have my phone and my money and are disputing the return of my money through my credit card company nearly twenty days later.
    They used deceptive conversation to get me to return the phone. several times they didn’t even reply at all.

  9. Simon Greenwood says:

    Loving the old Yamaha synth logo there. The Chinese will knock off anything.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello I would say that I found another site equal to DealExtreme

    Wholesale China Buy –

    Many cheap products and free shipping for the whole world would like to know if someone already bought it and the product arrived correctly


  11. scaught says:

    Cheap wii controller chargers, looks like they’re getting decent enough reviews:

    Caveat: someone mentions that it took a month to ship…

  12. annieareyouokareyouokannie says:

    I bought around 20 items from deal extreme including flashlights lasers and some electronics tools like soldering devices etc. All of them were working like they were supposed to. Though shipping times really vary between 4-5 days & up to 4 weeks if they are out of stock for an item. (I live in turkey )

  13. Not a Doktor says:

    damnit why must I be unemployed

  14. meerkat says:

    I have actually ordered from DealExtreme a few times. They are a good company – the products are absurdly cheap and generally do what they say they do.

    A $3 hand-powered flashlight from China is still going to break into 100 pieces if you drop it from more than 2 feet – I know that the hard way.

    Most recently I bought this portable memory card backup – – pop a harddisk in there and you are all set, no need to haul a laptop around with your DSLR. Great deal…

    One funny thing is that they shipped every item I ordered last time separately. The sucky part about that is that because it is international and how they ship, if you miss the mail carrier, you have to pick it up at the post office.

  15. meerkat says:

    Haha, if these were USB-powered I’d be all over these! Probably smells weird after a while…
    Electronic Fat Reducing Sauna Pants –

  16. Aaron says:

    Maybe I misunderstood something here but FREE international shipping?

    Maybe I’m overly skeptical though my experiences of having to pay 40+$ for shipping to Austria, but that sounds to good to be true. (Especially wen they have stuff for less then five bucks…)

    Does that really work and do the products really, you know, arrive?

  17. bunnyman2112 says:

    I like how they completely ripped off their logo from the Yamaha DX7!

  18. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Apparently their cellphone blocker pouch also blocks RFID. I hear there are uses for that.

    The Digital Buddhist Jukeboxes were unexpected.

  19. Gary says:

    Who can argue with a store that has a Flashlights/Guns/Lasers category?

  20. Jeff says:

    @6 – free international shipping doesn’t surprise me too much if you take into account the situation.

    With the quantity they ship (and the small size of individual items) they can get a reasonably low shipping cost by pre-sorting and waiting to ship until they have full containers (which probably means an average of a day or 2 of delay in shipping).

    It’s just another example of economies of scale at work (ship 1 item and it costs a lot, ship 10000 and it doesn’t cost that much for each).

  21. scodav says:

    I had a good experience with Dealextreme. I bought two laser pointers for about $4 (for both – I know!). Neither worked — when I pointed out that returning them to Hong Kong would cost as much as purchasing, they just sent me two more (both worked fine) at no charge.


  22. Aaron says:

    Ok, after seeing those extremly awesome USB heated gloves, I just have to try it. Because otherwise, my girlfriend would kill me.

    And maybe I’ll even get a pair for myself. (What can I say, our place is really cold sometimes…)

  23. upowerbuz says:

    you can buy all that cheap Chinese crap you were never sure you needed.

  24. Xiguli says:

    Every need is anticipated. The Wii Remote Whistle Keychain “Can be used to ask for help in urgent situations and prevent perverts.”


  25. icooldo says:

    I think ia deal extreme’s strong competitors on video games.
    Very good price and much faster shipping as well as customer service.

  26. anubzor says:

    Yeah it sure does look suspicious to me too..

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